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Walla Walla Texas Toffee
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Hi there! My name is Diane Walla. You may be wondering if Walla Walla Texas Toffee is from Walla Walla, Washington. No it is not! It is simply fun to say and it is my name doubled up.

Making and giving gifts of food and delicious treats from my kitchen has always been my way of helping, thanking, and loving others. Encouraged by family and friends my passion became a business in 2010.

I am so honored to share my toffee with you. Whether it is for yourself or to share with others enjoy Walla Walla Texas Toffee "It's MORE Than a One Bite Delight"

Thank you from my heart,

Diane Walla

Certified Member

Memberships Walla Walla Texas Toffee Houston Culinary Guild and Go Texan